Two Wrongs, One Right

Two Wrongs, One Right - Katee Robert

*Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love


Wrong Bed, Right Guy and Chasing Mrs. Right were such great reads full of intense characters and passionate relationships. It is in the first two books you get the tiniest bit of info on Nathan that has you going, “What the hell happened to him? What is his story?” You love reading about what is going on with the other characters but you are still left dying to know what is up with Nathan. You don’t know much so of course you get extremely curious. After reading the first two I was really excited to finally get to read Nathan’s story. I already knew Katee knows how to turn on the passion and tell a good story while she is at it. Plus, the mystery of Nathan would be solved. Why wouldn’t I be excited?


With all my excitement I think I set my hopes to high and although Two Wrongs, One Right was still an enjoyable read I didn’t care for it as much as the first two. Nathan and Chelsea haven’t seen each other in 8 years. They were madly in love once upon a time and haven’t moved on. Yes, they are both extremely hurt and they have been holding on to that hurt for way to long. With all that emotion going through a person I would just think I would feel it more as I read their story. I was expecting anger but also so much love to burn through the pages. I wanted to feel it but for some reason I just couldn’t connect fully with Nathan and Chelsea. I didn’t dislike them, I wanted more from them. With the first two books I felt like their was so much passion and I could feel what the characters were going through but not as much with this one. I thought this book would be bursting with passion, that their would be an intense explosion of feelings but it just didn’t happen for me.


What I very much enjoyed though was the little bit of talk about Gabe and Elle and their wedding. It was good to see how much in love they still were. I know this was Nathan’s story but I found myself wanting more of them and also Ian and Roxanne. The little glimpse I got of Chelsea’s friend Danielle was also amazing. She reminds me of another Roxanne and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Katee has in store for her in Lover Unmasked. I just know she will be epic.