Lover Revealed

Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward

As you already know I am in love with this series. It is by far one of my favorites and continues to keep me wanting more. I had much love for the first three and although I wouldn’t give Lover Revealed as high of a rating I am still a huge fan. J.R. Ward really knows how to keep you entertained with action, sex, and humor. Three things you can always count on when reading about the brothers (or other affiliated with them) are that they always kick-ass, love to keep their women satisfied, and typically have something funny to say. They are just perfection. Anyways, if you haven’t started the series put the review on pause and go pick up the first one :D (Reviews for 1-3 will be at the bottom of this review).


Lover Revealed was Butch’s story and although I like Butch, and totally still needed his story, I just wasn’t bursting with excitement while reading this one. It was possible for me to set it down and although it had moments that gave me the feels they just weren’t as AHHH as with the first three. It has to be said that I LOVED the first three so this one had big shoes to fill. It was still quite the read!


Butch is always Mr. Tough Guy and next to the brothers he pretty much gets out voted and doesn’t get to help like he wishes he could. He doesn’t care much about getting hurt he just wants to help protect the people close to him. Butch has his demons just like the rest of them and they are what contribute to how he see’s the world. Yeah, he is stubborn and always wanting to be tough but like anyone else you poke and prod deep enough and I’m sure you will find a softy trying to get through their issues.


With Butch being Butch is was great to see the relationship continue to unfold with him and Marissa. Marissa is miss perfect, upper class, sheltered, a sweetheart. She really doesn’t know much and Butch has seen/done so much in life. They are very different. How could it ever work? I always thought that because of who she was she would be a total pushover with everything but thankfully that was not the case. She made her feelings clear and wasn’t going to stick around for someone that didn’t care to worry about her concerns.


This series just keeps on getting crazier. More things begin to surface with each book and when you think things can’t get worse they very much can. I am just waiting for things to really explode. Already worried :s There are just so many people involved and so much to find out. I am ready to continue the series and get to know more of the brothers. I loved Butch and V’s bromance in this one and with the little teases into V’s life I am intrigued to start the next one. It’s Alexa’s favorite so it has to be great!


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