Death Dealer

Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson

Death Dealer was such a short story but those 140 pages still contained an interesting story filled with action and emotion. Both Mia and Deacon lost people close to them in a horrible way and became Death Dealers in exchange for some revenge in the future. They now spend their lives delivering souls to their proper gates but that is no piece of cake. Their journey’s from point A to point B is filled with crazy sounding creatures/demons (Ashley Robertson gave some pretty great descriptions) trying to keep them from completing their task. It seems not one job can go off without a glitch. These problems bring some action to this story and you get to see exactly what Mia and Deacon are made of. Mia isn’t a total badass but she can definitely put up a hell of a fight.  With some more time who knows what she could do.


It’s on Mia’s first job of the book that Deacon pops up and it is obvious that those two have a connection. Typically the second a character mentions how crazy the other makes them its like a lightbulb going off. The two should probably just find a room. Now I wasn’t completely sold on their romance but that is usually the case with shorter stories. Everything is cut short and to the point so you don’t get too much build which is a little disappointing but to be expected.  They were still likable together and Deacon was there for Mia when she needed him. I hope to see her returning the favor in the future.


I do have to say what I felt was going to be the biggest part of the story (Mia’s revenge) didn’t seem so huge. I felt like it was a tiny part of the story and couldn’t see how Mia found her closure with it all. I like what Ashley Robertson did with it though. It was very clever but I felt like it needed at least a tad more time. It so hard to be completely satisfied with novellas but Death Dealer was still an enjoyable read. It took me way too long to read but that was only because work got in the way and I had to read it in small sections. I am looking forward to reading some more in the series and hopefully getting more of a connection between the two characters. I’m sure those two will have quite the treacherous adventure in the future.