Hearts on a String

Hearts on a String - Kris Radish I won this book from the goodreads giveaway and couldn't wait to start reading it.After five women meet randomly in an airport bathroom they find out there is a big storm warning and their departures have been canceled until further notice. These five women do not know each other but they all decide to go and share a room at a fancy hotel. All five women have their doubts, secrets, and worries plus all of them know what they are doing is crazy. Although they know the idea of sharing a room with five complete strangers is insane they do it anyways. As the book progresses each women slowly starts to open up and some unexpected things begin to happen.I really liked this book. It was fun and nice to read. At the beginning keeping the characters straight was a challenge but it gradually got easier. Also, the scenarios in the book are not really believable but if I wanted that I would just go pick up a non-fiction book. So besides the character mix-up at the beginning and the fact you might want to read something that sounds more real than fiction I really recommend checking it out.