Rich and Mad

Rich and Mad - William Nicholson It was really hard for me to decide if I wanted to give this book three stars or four stars. I guess I'm in between liking it and really liking it.When I first started reading Rich and Mad I wasn't quite sure if I was going to end up liking it or not. Some parts were kind of slow and other things just really made me want to roll my eyes. The way Maddy acted and the things that happen in the beginning just made me embarrassed for the characters involved. It's like when you see someone making a fool of themselves. It is just too hard to watch or in this case read. Hoping I wasn't judging the book to early I decided to keep reading and things got more exciting. There were secrets and drama. I had to know what the truth was and what would happen to the characters involved. I liked the Nicholson wasn't shy at all when writing this book. He didn't leave really anything to the imagination and he explained feelings and what the characters were thinking every step of the way. I did think a lot of things happened really fast but at the same time I understood that sometimes that happens. I know my review is pretty vague but I am not the best person at this. It is better I give too little away than tell you the whole story. In my opinion it should be somewhere in your to be read list (well depending on what kind of books you like to read in the first place). I wouldn't say it has to be at the top of your list but I would consider reading it at least.Warning!This didn't really bother me but I know for some it might take them by surprise so I thought I would add a warning. This book is not for the prudish and definitely not for the immature. If reading about sex offends you just forget about this book. Like I said Nicholson is not shy in his writing. I am pretty sure this book is YA but I wouldn't recommend it for very young or immature teens.