Sing You Home

Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult My Rating: 3.5I won this book on the GoodReads Giveaways and was excited to start reading it. Unfortunately with school and work it took me much longer than I expected to finish it. I decided that I needed to give myself a break and I finished it last night.Right from the beginning this book was pretty heartbreaking. As soon as I thought things couldn't get worse I was proven wrong and they did. Even though there were some characters that I very much wanted to dislike there were still moments when I felt extremely sorry for them. I really think that Jodi Picoult did a really good job. I like how we get to read about what Zoe, Max, and Vanessa are feeling and going through throughout the book. I think that she does an excellent job describing what is going on so that I can really try and understand what is happening within each character. I am a very emotional reader and this book real messed with me. I found myself crying, occasionally laughing, then crying again. When it didn't make me sad or smile it was usually making me mad. I wasn't angry about the writing I was angry about what was going on. Some of the characters actions and attitudes made me want to chuck the book across the room (but of course I would never actually do that). When a book and bring actual tears to my eyes or make me that angry I know it is a good book. Although I really liked it I couldn't really bring myself to give it 5 stars or the whole 4. I'm not sure if it was because at the time I started it I was occupied with other things or if it was the book itself but I found the first half very slow to read. It wasn't until I got farther along that I didn't want to set it down. Overall I would recommend this book for others to read. I do think it was written nicely and I loved the ending. I will also continue to read Jodi Picoult's work. She hasn't disappointed me yet.