The Weight of Silence

The Weight of Silence - Heather Gudenkauf I do not normally gravitate towards these kinds of books but I am really glad I decided to pick it up. It was a great story. It was very emotional and very sad but I think that it was well written. Gudenkauf's writing made me feel like I was actually there at times. She is very descriptive but not in a way that makes you lose interest. I don't know about you but sometimes when authors go on and on describing one specific thing my eyes begin to glaze over and I am tempted to skim past it. I didn't do that while reading this. Reading this kind of felt like watching an episode of Criminal Minds (I love Criminal Minds) and although it took me a while to read the first half (I am pretty sure it took so long because I started to read it the first week my classes started) I flew through the last half. Everything with the girls missing, their worried parents, and the police investigating the disappearance was very suspenseful.Both Callie Clark and Petra Gregory parents wake up to find that their daughters are missing. The two girls are best friends. Callie doesn't talk but Petra never cared. Petra always understood Callie and was her voice at school. Callie comes from a family buried in problems and family secrets. She wasn't always mute. Callie used to talk up until the age of four when something turned off her voice for the next three years. Petra comes from a more stable family.Antonia is Callie's mother. When she finds out her daughter is missing she is sure she might have just decided to go for a walk in the woods. Both Callie and Ben have always loved the woods but when she notices that none of Callie's shoes are missing she begins to worry. She hasn't always made the best choices and although she knows her life could have been different if she had she knows she would have never had the two children she loves dearly. She misses hearing Callie talk but all she wants is for her to be home safe and sound.Ben is Callie's older brother. He has always been close to his sister and has never tried to make her talk. He understood why she couldn't and knew she would when she was ready. He spent a lot of time with both Callie and Petra and was determined to keep searching until he found them.Martin is Petra's father. He will do anything to find his daughter even if it means not listening to the authorities in charge of the investigation to find Callie and Petra. Deputy Sheriff Louis grew up in this town and has history with the family. He isn't about to let something happen to the two girls and as soon as he knows of their disappearance he gets outside help. Agent Fitzgerald is from the state and although Louis called him in to help he knew he was about to open doors that might have been closed for a long time. Uncomfortable questions would be asked and everyone would become a suspect. The book was told through multiply characters (all of the ones mentioned above) and I really enjoyed that. You get to read what is happening to Callie through her eyes and also get to read about what everyone else is going through as they search for the two girls. You also get a lot of background story which is great. Antonia had a very sad story. She went through so much in her life. Louis really cared for the Clark family. Martin and Fielda's story was cute but also had it's emotional moments.I really cared about the Clark and Gregory family and every chapter I had to read about them searching for their daughters made me hurt for them more. I just wanted to have them have their daughters back safely in their arms. It was all very emotional but like I said I think it was well written and was satisfied with the ending.