Love? Maybe.

Love? Maybe - Heather Hepler I checked out this book out at the library thinking it would be a cute, fun, and easy read. That is exactly what it was. Piper doesn't really believe in love or dating. Things haven't worked out so well for her mom and the few guys she has gone out with seem to always have some flaw she can't get past. Valentine's Day is coming up and although Piper could really care less she decided to join in on her friend Jillian's plan to get Piper, Jillian and Claire a date for the big day. It is the least she can do to help her newly heartbroken friend. Piper is a super busy person. She goes to Montrose Academy a private school that serves sushi and cappuccinos. She has to juggle school, the swim team, her job at Jan's Candy Shop, and taking care of her two younger siblings while she tries to keep up with Jillian's plans.The plan is to find love for Valentine's Day. Jillian picks two of the most popular guys in school (both have girlfriends), Claire hopes to get back with her ex-boyfriend, and Jillian picks Ben Donovan for Piper. Ben Donovan is Piper's "ideal guy" and to her surprise he actually begins to notice her. He isn't the only one though. Someone has been leaving small gifts in Piper's locker and she has no idea who it could be (it is only obvious though). Plus, she isn't so sure that Ben Donovan is the one for her. Jillian's plan is meant to help out their friend Claire but in the end really helps them all. Piper was a good friend and daughter. She went along with the plan just to help her friend out even though she didn't want to. Her mom owns a flower shop and was always super busy so Piper watched after her brother and sister a lot. Dominic and Lucy were adorable little terrors. Yes she was anti-valentines day and didn't believe in love but she had her reasons. I thought she was a little dumb when it came to some of the people around her. There were things she should have totally noticed and didn't. I am going to chalk it up to her being busy all the time though. Jillian and Claire were also good friends to Piper. Claire and Piper had been friends for a while. Jillian came from New York but became their friend quickly. All the girls plotted together and both Claire and Jillian helped at Jan's candy shop a lot. Jillian has a very strong personality. She is the friend that pushed the other two to try and do things. She reminded me of one of those friends that can begin to get on your nerves but you know it's just how they are and you still love them anyways. Ben Donovan was... well hmm I am still not quite sure. He was a swimmer, like Piper, he was popular, he was nice, and that's about all I got. He was always Ben Donovan. His first and last name was always used. I am just glad he didn't refer to himself like that. My three favorite characters had to be Jeremy, Jan, and Charlie though.Jeremy was smart and came up with bacon truffles. I love bacon and if it can taste good on a doughnut and in cookies (yes I have tried both) then I can't imagine these would be terrible. I would totally try it.Charlie was Piper's neighbor and another really good friend. He was great with Piper's siblings, he was funny, he was witty, and he really knew Piper. Jan was Piper's boss. He was always making different kinds of truffles. They weren't really things you would expect and that is why his candy was such a big hit. He was always nice. Jan was a great person. He always had good advice and wise words.