Fracture - Megan Miranda Delaney fell into a lake of freezing cold water and wasn't pulled out until 11 minutes had already passed. She died but somehow she woke up 6 days later in the hospital. Her brain scans showed irreparable damage and her doctor said she really shouldn't have been fully functional but Delaney was. She lived but things weren't the same after. She was being pulled towards the dying. I really liked Delaney. She went through a lot but kept on going on. Right after getting out of the hospital she wanted to get straight back to school with the hope that she didn't ruin her running at being valedictorian. She didn't have a total break down knowing that something wasn't quite right with her but of course she still worried about it. She couldn't tell anyone and her relationships began to suffer but after such a tragic experience things can't go back to how they were. She had her ups and she had her downs but in the end she still survived. Decker was Delaney's neighbor and best friend. He pulled her out of the lake and waited at the hospital for her to wake up. He also read out loud to her even though he hated required reading. I loved this! Can I borrow him please? He did have his moments where I just wanted to kick him (same with Delaney) but in the end I absolutely loved him.I didn't know what to think about Troy in the beginning. I just wasn't sure about what his part in the whole story was going to be so for a bit my opinions of him went back and forth. He was cute but angry and could be scary. His story was sad though and I could understand why he felt the way he felt. I also liked how her parent's were actually in the picture. They worried about her. Her mom was constantly scared of losing her and tried making a lot of restrictions and didn't want Delaney doing a lot of things but after what happened I would probably be super overprotective also. Her dad handled things differently and was a good balance to her mom. There was also a bit of a back story here. Overall I loved this book. It grabbed my attention with the very first sentence and I never got bored while reading it. It kept me interested and every time I had to put it down I was left wondering what was going to happen next. It tugged at my heart stings and I even cried in some parts (I am a big baby lol). I do wish that it was a little longer. Maybe with an epilogue or something. Although I liked what happened in the ending I still had questions. I just wanted more to happen before it was over.