Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica #1) - Beth Fantaskey Jessica Packwood thinks she is just a normal teenage girl trying to get through high school but things change when Lucius Vladescu shows up as a foreign exchange student.He knows her birth name, which no one knows except for her adoptive parents and her best friend Mindy, and insists that he and Jessica are to be married. Both Lucius and Jessica’s parents try to explain to her that she is really a Romanian vampire princess and that her birth parents had arranged her marriage since birth. Of course Jessica thinks they are insane but there is no way to avoid Lucius when he is living above her garage and going to her school.Jessica is all about logic and doesn’t believe in anything that can’t be explained so when she gets all of this information thrown at her she can’t help but think that it is a joke. In Jessica’s mind it has to be a joke or it means her parents and their new foreign exchange student are absolutely crazy. I actually like that about Jessica. Any sane person would probably think the same thing. After a while though I couldn’t help but think “Come on! How much more proof do you need? Totally in denial”. Besides the whole vampire princess thing Jessica was very much just a normal teenager. She went to school, had her best friend (Mindy), her crush (Jake), and school bullies that liked to pick on her. I also loved her birth name. I think Anatasia is a pretty and different name.I really liked Jessica’s parents. They adopted Jessica and brought her to the United States when she was a baby. Jessica’s birth parents were killed by a mob because they were vampires. Jessica’s parents knew about the marriage pact when they adopted her but didn’t talk about it before because Jessica was never ready to talk about her birth parents. The Packwoods were a little different than what I am used to but they were nice and they cared about their daughter as well as Lucius.Now I could write so much about Lucius. Lucius was spoiled, entitled, forward, a pain in the ass, and full of himself. I know he doesn’t sound so great but he could also be polite and chivalrous. He drove me nuts and most of the time i wanted to punch or shake him but I couldn’t help but love him. He had a hard upbringing, whether he admits it or not, and he grew up learning to to be obedient and follow orders no matter the cost.Lucius and Jessica both drove me nuts. They both had their moments where I felt like they were complete idiots. I wanted to yell at them at times and then other times they frustrated me so badly I just wanted to walk away from the book. There were also some things in the book that i felt might have been unnecessary and other things I wish they would have focused more on. For example the guide that is mentioned in the title wasn’t talked about as much as I thought it could have been. There were also a couple of time I was a little confused as to what was happening or how they got to where they were.Like I said this book pretty much drove me nuts. It made me impatient and angry at times. It also made me sad but it also made me smile. The characters drove me crazy but I couldn’t help but love them. There were things that I felt could have been improved but it didn’t keep me from enjoying the story. I know some of the things I mentioned might be a deal breaker for some people that read the book but I found that it wasn’t too hard for me to look past. Even though there were some things I didn’t particularly like I loved the book as a whole and have to give it 5 hearts.