Dark Seeker

Dark Seeker - Taryn Browning *Originally posted on Pages Of Forbidden Love Janie Grey didn’t choose to be a Seeker but that is what she is. She was born to be one just like her mother was once a Seeker. Her mom just gets to be her mom now and Janie currently has the job title until further notice. Abraham, a family friend and a previous Seeker, has trained her well for the job. She knows what to do and all the rules that come with being a Seeker but when Kai Sterdam comes into her life changes take place that get Janie to question how she should do things and who to trust.I love books where the main character can kick ass and although it felt like Janie needed a lot of extra help at times she could still do a lot of fighting. One thing I found interesting was that she had asthma yet she has this job where she has to exert herself on a daily basis. She didn’t let that hold her back though. Like I said she did need a lot of assistance at times and Kai was there to be her helping hand. He is someone Janie was born to destroy but she finds he smells differently than the others and that he has human like qualities she is drawn to him and wants to know why and what he is. This is information he isn’t willing to share but Janie quickly, very quickly, falls for him. I can understand why she would fall for him but I think how strongly she felt for him happened too fast and I wasn’t really able to connect with their relationship fully. It didn’t feel completely real to me.There was a lot of different things in this book. There were Vampires, witches, demons, and day children. For a while I was confused on who was who and what was going on between the different gangs. Once I could figure it out a little better they were interesting to read about. They were different than what I have read in other stories and I enjoyed that. There were similarities with other stories but its not like that is the first time this has happened. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had to be what it reminded me of the most. I loved Buffy though so I didn’t mind and it was even mentioned in the book once. Another thing that was a let down was how obvious a thing or two were and how easily Janie accepted a couple things. The ending made up for this though because although I felt like I already knew everything that was going to happen I was surprised at the end. This really helped me like the book more than I was thinking I would because I like when a book can surprise me, if it can surprise me more than once than I love it. I wasn’t able to love this but I did enjoy reading it and I am willing to continue the series (#2 Dark Return out November 2012).