Dead Radiance (Valkyrie, #1)

Dead Radiance (Valkyrie, #1) - T.G. Ayer *Originally posted on Pages Of Forbidden LoveBefore starting this book the most I have watched or read about Valkyries was in an episode of Charmed I watched years ago. This was all pretty much a new concept for me. I’ve never read a book about this so I didn’t have any preconceived expectations. It was great learning about a whole new group of mythology and after reading this I would love to read more books about Valkyries.The prologue really grabbed me and got me excited to read further. It started out in the past at an archeological dig site in Sweden and it me asking “well, whats next!”. From the past it pulled me right into a very sad present. Bryn (I just love that name) is at her best friends (Joshua) funeral trying to pay her respects and say goodbye. Bryn knew he was going to die. Since she was little she could see a glow in some people but it wasn’t until recently that she knew what it meant and she still didn’t know what to do about it. It can’t be easy knowing the people closest to you are going to die and you can’t do anything about it. Bryn already has a lot to deal with so the fact that a lot of the town hates her for surviving the car crash Joshua died in doesn’t help. The youth and even some of the adult were really mean to Bryn when she was also grieving a loss and needed support. She did have her foster mother Ms. Custer to care about her though so she wasn’t totally alone.With so much to deal with already Aidan Lee enters into Bryn’s life. He is their new foster. From the moment he shows up on his motorcycle Bryn find him attractive. In no time she claims she doesn’t like him, becomes secretly jealous, and feeling form. I don’t really have much to say about Aidan and Bryn’s relationship because again I couldn’t find a connection with them. I don’t know why (I might be broken or something lol) but I haven’t found a couple I really love in a while. Although I couldn’t connect with them Aidan did play a huge role in the story. It is a book in his possession that opens Bryn up to the possibility that she could be something else.This book causes many issues and then things begin to get really interesting. Bryn begins to learn about who she really is. We are taken to a new place full of mystery. There were so many things I didn’t know about and it was exciting to learn about it. About a third way into the book I was totally sucked in. The story was full of descriptions and overall awesomeness. So much goes on. Bryn has to deal with a big change while so many things are thrown at her almost at once and there are people who wish she didn’t exist anymore. Then throw in an impossible journey and you got one stressful and crazy life. Bryn does her best to shine through it all though. She wasn’t a total bad ass (yet) but she tried her best and for the most part she came out strong (which is amazing considering).Overall, I think this was a really great read. I loved learning about a new world and with how descriptive things were it felt like I could really see what was going on. It was an exciting read and it was easy to get sucked in. The ending leaves some questions so I will definitely be reading the next one some time after it comes out.