Daemons in the Mist (The Marked Ones Trilogy book 1)

Daemons in the Mist (The Marked Ones Trilogy book 1) - Alicia Kat Vancil,  Scott Aleric Vancil *Originally posted on Pages Of Forbidden LoveFirst of all I love, love, love… this cover! I think it is absolutely gorgeous. Alicia did such a wonderful job with the cover and I enjoyed reading the story inside.Patrick and Nualla have gone to Bayside Academy for years. Over those years Patrick has been developing a huge crush on Nualla and she has never even noticed him. All that changes though when Patrick steps up and interrupts a confrontation between Nualla and Michael. Nualla finally knows who Patrick is and they are even going to a school dance together. It all sounds innocent enough until Nualla, in an attempt to avoid Michael, asks Patrick if he wants to get out of town and they end up in Vegas. After one crazy night everything changes and Patrick becomes a part of a world he never knew existed. Nothing will ever be quite the same for either of them.Daemons in the Mist went back and forth between Nualla and Patrick’s point of view. It was nice getting to read how both characters felt about the situations they got into. I also liked how each chapter had the month and day so that you could see how fast things were progressing. Above all, I enjoyed reading about a new subject, Daemons. I do wish I could have learned a little more about them and the differences between the two kinds while reading.The characters were great. I enjoyed reading about them all and there really wasn’t anyone I strongly disliked. Patrick was absolutely adorkable. He was just too cute. He was sweet, an artist (he liked to draw), and it even said he knew how to dance (woo hoo :D ). The only thing he was seriously lacking was self-esteem. I feel like I still need to get to know Nualla better but what I got from reading so far was that she cares strongly about the people close to her and she isn’t one to give up. Towards the beginning she did have a couple moments were I felt she was being a little dramatic. She did make an effort with Patrick’s friends and I really liked that about her. As for their relationship, I appreciated how for at least half of the book no one was saying “I love you”. Those words did come up before I was completely convinced about their relationship but by the end I was totally rooting for them.Nikki (Nualla’s cousin) and Shawn (her friend) were fun and very open towards Patrick. Connor (Patrick’s friend) was always there when Patrick needed to talk but also knew how to stop asking questions when Patrick said he couldn’t tell him. Beatrice was always reading a book so of course I loved her and Jenny was a drama queen that I wished would have toned it down a bit. I feel like Patrick’s friends weren’t around as much as Nualla’s so I am hoping to get to read more about them in the future. Travis, a longtime friend of Nualla and a young genius is another character I really want to read more about.There was a lot that happened in this book. Things never settled down for long and although this left little room for a dull moment at times I felt like that was it and that there wouldn’t be a big ending which brought me down (it made it hard for me to read sometimes). Fortunately, I was wrong and I got the ending I was hoping for. It was sad, suspenseful, and surprising. I think surprises make everything better in stories.While reading Daemons in the Mist I had a lot of questions that I felt the characters should have been asking. Thankfully most of the time they eventually brought it up though. I also didn’t care for how Patrick found out Nualla’s secrets and how he reacted to them. It was just instant acceptance and didn’t feel right. There were also some grammatical errors but I did really enjoy the subject, the characters, and the ending really grabbed my attention making it an enjoyable read. I look forward to seeing what happens next in Patrick and Nualla’s lives.