Kiss Me Kill Me (Kisses and Lies Series #1)

Kiss Me Kill Me  - Lauren Henderson *Originally posted on Pages Of Forbidden LoveI first read this book years ago and loved it so I was pretty excited to read it again. Although I didn’t love it the second time around I still enjoyed it. Scarlett is a 16 year old who has her little group of friends and loves gymnastics. One day after practice Nadia, one of the schools popular girls, asks Scarlett to sit with them. Without a second thought Scarlett ditches her friends and claims a spot among the popular crowd. She couldn’t be more confused or excited when that same day she gets invited to attend one of their famous parties. At the party Scarlett feels out of place but that doesn’t last long because Dan McAndrew, her crush, begins to talk to her. All of a sudden an innocent first kiss turns Scarlett’s world upside down.At the very beginning I couldn’t totally like Scarlett. She dropped her friends without hesitation just because she got a little attention from someone higher up on the social ladder. I understand that she is young and status means everything to some people in high school but the fact that she jumped so quickly at Nadia’s offer disappointed me. As the story progresses though I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She has pretty much been on her own since her parent’s died when she was younger. It was sad to read how little family support she got. Her grandmother just expected her to get over the drama of watching Dan die in just a matter of a couple months. No one consoled her just told her not to dwell on the past. The teachers at her new school were really rude and just assumed she would think she would get off easy because her grandmother ran the school. If anything Scarlett knew things would be harder for her because of it. One of the hardest things for Scarlett is living with the fact that after her first kiss the boy died in her arms. She can’t even think of ever kissing another boy again. She already blames herself for one death what if she caused another one? All she wants to know is what happened and after she gets an anonymous note she begins to dig and find out what really happened.You don’t really get to know who Dan was because he was gone so quickly but there are some other characters you get to read about. For example Taylor was an interesting character. Taylor and Scarlett didn’t hit it off when they first met. In fact they didn’t really care for each other at all but after Taylor finds out Scarlett’s secret they work together to solve the mystery together and let me tell you these two are an interesting pair. Taylor is pretty scary. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. As for a love interest this book was more about dealing with and figuring out what happened to Dan. There is some future potential with a cute gardener named Jase though. I look forward to seeing where that goes. It was a nice change reading a book that wasn’t all about falling in love but I still hope to see a little romance in Scarlett’s future. The girl deserves it.In the end the mystery wasn’t solved but the girls do uncover some important things. I am sure more secrets will be uncovered in the rest of the series and that is exciting to think about. I have read the second book but I don’t really remember it all so I look forward to reading it again and finally getting to read the third and fourth one.