Beautiful Mess (Bailey's Boys, #1)

Beautiful Mess (Bailey's Boys, #1) - Lucy V. Morgan *Originally posted on Pages Of Forbidden LoveI normally just read YA with a couple other genres thrown in occasionally but I have never tried reading erotica and I haven’t read too many adult books in general. Although I am not really worried about what I might read in these books I decided I should probably start small and see if I would even like the genre. Beautiful Mess was free on Amazon (I am pretty sure it still is) so I said “why not” and decided to give it a try.I am not really sure where to even start. Beautiful Mess was a really short read (Amazon estimated it at 52 pages) but I think it was a good start to get me into reading more books in the genre. The fact that it ended up being so short did disappoint me because I didn’t get to know the characters as much as I wanted to. There is a second book told through another characters point of view coming out in July so that should be interesting.Anyways, Bailey and the boys were so funny. Bailey lived with two guys (Tom and Olly) and Linc was pretty much always around too since he worked with Olly on a website. So even though she was going through a break up and there was a lot of crying at the beginning the guys wouldn’t let her stay down for too long. They were pretty funny trying to cheer her up and insult Craig (the ex) and when Bailey admitted that Craig (including other past boyfriends) never made her orgasm they had more to insult him about. The only thing is it doesn’t make Bailey feel any better because she feels like the attack is towards her too. You would think this would make it a little easier to get over him but it didn’t. Craig sounded like an ass but in the short time I got to know Bailey I noticed that her self-confidence wasn’t very high.I usually spend a lot of time talking about characters but since it was such a short story there isn’t too much I can say about them. I also really can’t say too much about the story or I will just end up telling you everything. The guys were cute and sweet in their own way. I am sure some people wouldn’t find the things they said and did endearing but they really cared about Bailey and that is what she is used to being around anyways. I guess it depends on your sense of humor. The fact that they were British and I could picture them speaking with an accent didn’t hurt either. I was a bit thrown off by the summary mentioning getting even with Craig. He wasn’t really in it enough to be affected (affect/effect? damn I always get those confused) by anything that was going on. Well, at least I didn’t get to see him affected by it so does it really count as getting even? Overall, Beautiful Mess was a very short and funny read. It allowed me to dip my toes into the genre. It was a good start. I know you’re probably wondering if Bailey ever got her orgasm. Guess you will have to read it to find out ;)