An Innocent in Paradise (Harlequin Desire)

An Innocent in Paradise - Kate Carlisle *Originally Posted on Pages Of Forbidden LoveSo I am still starting to dip my toes into reading some more adult books and I saw this sitting on the shelf at my library so I said why not. I liked the cover and the story intrigued me so I checked it out. I am glad I did. It was a quick but enjoyable read. Sometimes (okay most of the time) with shorter books I feel like I don’t get everything I want out of it. I always feel like there isn’t enough time to connect to the characters, things happen too fast, there should have been more, the list could go on. An Innocent In Paradise was only 187 pages but I really didn’t feel any of the things shorter books, at times, make me feel. It was shorter so things did progress more quickly (I have found that’s the case for all the adult books I have read so far, which isn’t many) than in longer books but I didn’t feel like it was too quick and I did have a chance to get to know both Logan and Grace. I was able to root for them as a couple.Logan and Grace meet at Alleria Resort. Logan and his brother design cocktail bars in expensive hotels and they own most of the island that the resort rests on. Grace got a job at the resorts bar but she knows nothing about being a cocktail waitress and when she breaks a glass it becomes all too clear that she lied on her job application. Logan tries to fire Grace but she isn’t one to give up easily and she refuses to go. She has scientific business to take care of on the island and she can’t leave. I love that she stood up to him the second he tried to fire her. I couldn’t help but smile. I doubt people stand up to Logan often. Besides being passionate about her work she also has a distrust of men. The fact that Logan distrusts women doesn’t help their situation. He agrees to let Grace stick around for a while but all he can think about is sleeping with her. Just one night and he think he can kick her off the island. Their both passionate about their work, they both have their issues and they can both be stubborn so it made for quick, but cute, and interesting read.