Arson (for fans of Stephen King, Alex Flinn and Pittacus Lore)

Arson (Arson #1) - Estevan Vega *Originally Reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveArson Gable just wanted to be normal, something he will never be. He can start fires, no lighters or matches needed. He only see’s himself as a freak and wished his unwanted ability would just go away. He lived with his grandmother and they had a very sad relationship.The fact that he still loved her so much but hated her at the same time made reading about their relationship even harder. The way she treated him just broke my heart.Arson kind of just went through the motion of everyday life. He went to work where Mandy, the character i liked the least, took advantage of the crush he had on her and then he would return home again. Home was anything but normal though and Arson’s past always seemed to be the cause of his grandmothers unkindness. Knowing Arson had a past I didn’t know about yet kept me very interested. A little bit of information was given at a time so I was always wondering what the whole story was.The story wasn’t told just from Arson perspective. After a while a family moved in next door and the story is told through different point of views. This family also had a past of their own (but who doesn’t?) Emery lived behind a mask, not figuratively but literally. She never took it off and for her that had become normal. I really liked Emery. She always said what she wanted and she was funny and sarcastic. Just like with Arson you slowly are let in on her and her families lives and past.Although it really wasn’t what I initially expected it to be it was still enjoyable to read. The writing was really good. It was full of great descriptions and damaged characters just trying to get through life. I love how it just shows how no matter who the person is they are going to have their own story, their own past. We all have our demons. There was one chapter though that really confused me but I was lost for only a second and by the time I moved on to the next chapters I was right back on track. I was also bummed that Arson’s ability wasn’t really explained but since this is a series I am sure there is some time for that. I have more questions than I have answers and with Arson’s unexpected ending (it was more of what I expected the whole book to be like when it started but as I got into the book my expectations changed and then it hit me with a bang) I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next one.