Justice (Deck of Lies, #1)

Justice - Jade Varden *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveUmm…What?! My exact words (and I said them out loud) the second I finished Justice. Justice starts with Rain Ramey, and her family, getting ready to start her first day at Sloane Academy. Sloane Academy is a fancy/expensive school but Rain has been accepted as a scholarship student. Her mom is excited and anxious for her to be going and she decides to do a card reading. When Rains pulls the Justice card her mom gets extremely distant and distracted. From the moment this happened I knew the day would bring something big and it definitely does. Rains first day is anything but spectacular. She is assigned a “big sister” Laurel Riordan who is a a straight to the point, no nonsense, lets get to business, and we aren’t friends kind of person. She is one of two queen bee’s of Sloane and Rain quickly gets on the bad side of the other queen Carsyn VonShelton. When Carsyn pretends to make nice with Rain though she ends up setting her up and Rains life gets turned upside down. After this everything really begins and Rain has to keep asking herself “Who am I?”Rain didn’t leave expecting something so dramatic to happen and she is left throughout the book feeling confused, angry, lonely, and so much more. Her school day wasn’t what anyone would wish for, her afternoon was even worse, and the rest of her time throughout the story wasn’t much better. She was left not really knowing who she was anymore or what to really think about her situation. She had lots of questions that weren’t being answered and instead of just pushing them under the rug and forgetting about them she searched for what she wanted to know. The more she digs though the more she finds and the questions pile up further. Nothing is ever truly answered and Rain finds that their is a lot she doesn’t know about multiple people.I loved that Rain didn’t just take everything that was thrown at her and accept it. She asked questions and she wanted answers. When no one would supply them she sought them out on her own. I loved the fact that things weren’t found so easily though. There are a lot of layers Rain has to and is still going to have to go through to get to the bottom of everything. Oh and the end. What?! I couldn’t believe something else was just thrown out like that with no time (pages) left. It was like bam! It was just this one thing she had to worry about but hey why not add some more drama, more problems, and some more mystery. In case you weren’t sure I in no way think this was a bad thing. It was what has me eager to read the next one.The whole love aspect of this book was also really confusing but I liked that. I was never really sure who would be her love interest. First she see’s (but doesn’t really meet) River Scott and without even speaking to him she feels like she understands him. When she first see’s him he radiates anger and she is angry herself. Later when they actually speak he becomes a friend (sure we will call him that for now lol) and helps her out a lot. Then there is Owen, Carsyn’s boyfriend, and he is nice to Rain and becomes her science partner (is it just me or is it always science in books haha). Finally she meets Tom and he is charming and also very nice to her. I know, three guys! Sometimes two is bad enough but it didn’t really bother me because she didn’t fall madly in love with any of them. Yes she had connections with them but she didn’t really string them all along while she tried to make a decision like some books go.t played a part in the book but their relationships weren’t really the main focus.Justice is full of mystery, problems, and drama. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. There was always something happening and there is still a lot that needs to be solved. There are a lot of questions that need answers for Rain and me. I enjoyed the characters. They weren’t always predictable (sometimes but not always) and I found that they all have history. I didn’t like that I felt that Rain was forgetingt to think about some very important things sometimes and that upset me. She would eventually mention them again or think about them but I think it should have been even more. There were some chunks that I would be like “why are you worried/talking about that” aren’t you forgetting about something?” I do want to know the answers to everything and see how things unfold in the future so I am looking forward to reading the sequel.