Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveI read If I Stay (review here :) ) in July and I really liked it. It was so sad and when it ended I wasn’t ready for it to. It wasn’t a bad ending but I needed to know what was next. How would life be for Mia and the rest of the people in her life now that she had decided to live (to stay)? Obviously things aren’t going to be the same after a tragedy like that and you would have to adapt to a new “normal” but with If I Stay you don’t get to know about the after. Where She Went filled me on what I wanted to know and was everything I wanted. I really liked If I Stay but I can truly say I loved Where She Went.Where I Went didn’t start off right where If I Stay ended instead it starts three years later. Also, instead of being told from Mia’s point of view Where She Went is told by Adam. I love this. I haven’t read many books from the male perspective but I have really liked all the ones I have read. Now when I read the summary I was like what?! No! but I am not quite sure why I was surprised to read that Mia and Adam didn’t last long after If I Stay. There was no way Mia was going to be the same after the accident and Adam made a very heartbreaking promise (one I was hoping he wasn’t going to have to keep) to Mia to try and get her to stay. It was so sad to hear they hadn’t even spoken to each other in so long and I really wanted to know what happened in between all that time.“A day might just be twenty-four hours but sometimes getting through just one seems as impossible as scaling Everest.” -Pg. 27Adam had finally made it big with his band, the people that used to be like family, and was dating another celebrity but you could tell he was still far from being truly happy. He didn’t stay with his band mates and he traveled to shows at different times than them. He even did his interviews on his own and he had major anxiety issues. When Adam has an interview to do, before leaving for a three month tour, the reporter brings up things that have already been taken off of ever interviewers list of acceptable things to talk about. She wants to know what really inspired Adam’s music, the story behind it all. When she brings up Mia (she did her digging) Adam loses it. He can’t take anymore and his manager gives him the day off to try and relax. He only has one more night/morning before he leaves for London but that night/morning is filled with a lot of answers and discoveries.I felt so bad for Adam. Reading about how he was feeling and where his life has brought him so far made me hurt for him. I loved learning about his relationship with Mia and her family in If I Stay and getting a peek inside his head in this book was amazing. As I read I got to experience his loss and his feelings. It was written so well and it was so easy to understand him. Since the book went back and forth between the past (from right after Mia woke up to after she first left him, what he did after that, meeting his current girlfriend, getting famous, etc) and present I got all the answers I wanted. Even though none of Where She Went was told through Mia I still felt like I could understand her as well and I still felt like I knew what she was thinking and feeling.I loved how it stuck with going back and forth between the past and present just like with the first one. I love how easily I could feel for both characters still. I loved the beginning awkwardness of when Adam and Mia have there first face to face meeting again. The tension and awkwardness never stayed gone for too long and that was realistic. Even through all that though it is great that Mia offers to give Adam a tour of her New York and he accepts. They were always skirting around what they really needed to talk about and that drove my crazy but it was a great build. I also loved how each chapter had lyrics to the songs that Adam had written along with their title and track number. Plus, I just loved Adam.