Luminosity (The Raven Chronicles)

Luminosity (The Raven Chronicles) - Stephanie Thomas Luminosity was certainly something new to me. Beatrice is a Seer who is known to have the clearest visions, with the exception of the Keeper, in the Institution. She is only 17 but got her raven wings when she was only 12. With her ability comes all kinds of attention she wished she wouldn’t get and a duty to be a leader to all other seers but how can she lead her team when she doesn’t even know what to believe in? Her people know disaster is on its way and war is looming with their enemy. They are told they must protect the Citizens of the City but at what cost? Like any other heroine Beatrice just wants answers so when someone starts to call out to her in her dreams she really wants to know what is going on. She has let the enemy into her head and quickly finds herself asking who can she really trust.Although she wasn’t everything I thought she would be I liked Beatrice. She questioned everything that was happening but continued to remain cautious in order to protect herself and others. She was never trusted people 100% and in her world that was a good thing. She’s been trained to use a gun but she is still like any other girl. She still liked to be silly, to have fun with her girls (Connie and Mae) and worry about boys. And speaking of boys both Gabe and Echo have potential. I am not really rooting for anyone in particular but I liked her friendship with Gabe and that even though he got mad at her a lot for keeping things from him he still promised to always be there for her. Echo is the enemy and that always makes things interesting.*Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveIt took me a while to really get immersed into the story but it was always, even if just a little bit, intriguing. It was a little disappointing that Beatrice wasn’t as badass as I thought she would be. Her visions were awesome and she did have other training but I felt she was lacking a bit there. The romance wasn’t all I thought it would be either. It was there but I just wasn’t able to become fully invested in it. I am hoping as the series continues I can connect with them more.Overall though I thought Luminosity was a good book and a good start to a series. It was really interesting reading about this new world of Seers and Dream catchers. I liked how it went back and forth between real time, Beatrice’s visions, and her dreams. I liked how it could always keep me suspicious. I always had my guesses but in the end I was still left in doubt just like Beatrice was. There was quite a bit of action and some parts made me sad but I what I liked the most is how this book really points out that we usually only ever get one side of a story. The end was a big “Wait it’s over!?” and I have no idea what is to come so I am looking forward to the second book in the series.