Blind Spot

Blind Spot - Laura Ellen *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love*3.5 Roz is a legally blind teen, she isn’t completely blind but she has spots in her vision that are hard to see around. The last thing she wants is for everyone to know she has the disability and she definitely doesn’t want anyone’s pity or help with anything. Unfortunately for her the school makes it mandatory for all students to take their Life Skills class making it harder for Roz to hide it and turning her world upside down. All of a sudden Roz is doing things she never thought she would and then one night really changes everything, too bad she can’t remember it. After Tricia is found Roz tries her best to remember but really all she has are vague memories and what people tell her. She decides she has to know what happened though and doesn’t quit looking for answers.I liked how Blind Spot went back to before Tricia was found and then after she was found. I was able to get to know the characters better which helped me make guesses and assumptions of what really happened. I liked how not everything was obvious and I went back and forth questioning what was real just as Roz did. My guesses never changed drastically but as new information came in I would become skeptical. I think Laura Ellen did a good job with that. I think the characters were also well written, even though a majority of them made me mad off and on, they each had distinct personalities. The only characters that didn’t upset me were some of the people Roz meets in her Life Skills class. I really liked them. I felt like Roz was kind of dumb sometimes but other times I still felt bad for her and understood some of the things she did. I sort of loved Greg but unfortunately even he upset me sometimes. Although Tricia was clearly troubled, I really liked her character and wished I could have gotten to know even more about her.Honestly though I am very confused as to how I feel about this book. I am not sure how many times I have gone back and forth deciding how many hearts to give it. When I read the summary I was really excited to read it. It sounded like it would be an exciting book full of suspense that would really keep me on my toes. Although it did keep me curious and not sure about the ending it just wasn’t filled with all the excitement I thought it would have. I won’t lie I did find it enjoyable many times but it just wasn’t exactly what I expected. I wanted more out of it. The thing that has me the most confused about my feeling though is the ending. I have this thing with endings. I can love a majority of a book but if I don’t like the ending it ruins the whole thing for me. I wouldn’t say I hated the ending but I was disappointed with it. It wasn’t at all what I expected and although most of the time that would be a good thing it just wasn’t right for me. Overall, I thought it was a pretty okay/good book though and I am curious to see what Laura Ellen writes next.