Skinny - Donna Cooner *Originally reviewed on Pages of Forbidden LoveEver is only 15 and weighs 302 pounds. She wasn’t always so big but food became a comfort mechanism in her life and she kept gaining weight. Most, if not all, people have things we are self conscious about and sometimes worry that other people will notice those flaws we are so adamant we have but Ever has a voice in her head that will never let her forget it. Skinny whispers horrible things to her and refuses to let Ever forget her size. Skinny tells Ever what people are thinking about her and refuses to let her just be. From the very first chapter I felt bad for Ever. No one deserves to go through that much self doubt.When a very public accident happens Ever decides she can’t take it anymore and decides to get surgery. People just want her to be healthy but they worry about her getting the surgery. Is it safe? Can’t she lose the weight another way? But Ever can’t and she insist the surgery is what she needs to do and with the help of her best friend Rat she begins her weight loss journey. Ever hoped so much that the surgery would solve everything. That she would be skinny and her troubles would be gone. As she begins to lose weight though Skinny is still their whispering to her, telling her the same hateful things, and Ever finds out that things aren’t going to magically change with her jean size.Although, I felt so bad for Ever she made it very easy to dislike her as well. I hated hearing about all her self self doubts. It was just heartbreaking to read about how much she struggled with things but she had irritating qualities that came along with that doubt that made me very mad at her. Like I didn’t really like how often she spoke about her amazing singing voice that she was hiding from the world. I loved that she had an amazing voice and had something to be proud of but I feel like she was too confidant about it. Another thing I didn’t like was how she just assumed no one else had problems. Her step sister Briella was thin and beautiful so Ever just blew her off like her life was perfect. She never stopped to think or even notice that she had problems too. I was pained by Ever’s story but I really felt for Briella as well. Ever also ended up pushing people away. She didn’t really mean to but it still happened.I had a lot of ugh moments but also a lot of awww moments while reading Skinny. I really did enjoy the story and could connect with Ever and how she was feeling. I loved reading about Briella’s character and Rat was a great best friend. He was always trying to help Ever and really got her through the beginning weeks post surgery. I loved how it would flash back to Ever thinking about the past. I felt like the emotions and doubts Ever had were very well written and believable. For me there was a lot to like about this book but I was sad that it was such a quick read. I felt like there were a couple things that should have been talked about more and that more could have happened before it was over but I was still very happy with the ending at the same time. I’ll definitely be looking out for what Donna Cooner comes out with next.