Evie's Knight (The Knight Series, #1)

Evie's Knight (The Knight Series, #1) - Kimberly Krey *Originally Reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveWhen I read the summary for Evie’s Knight I thought it would be a book I would really enjoy. I was very excited to start reading about Evie and Calvin’s romance and the curse that could end everything for them. The idea of it all intrigued me and I was eager to dive in. Unfortunately, I set my bar too high and, although it still had its good qualities, I myself ended up being disappointed in the end. I felt like the story started out strong with the prologue because it gave me a little taste of the beginnings of the curse and that really sucked me in. It had me wanting to dig right in and see where everything was going to go but then as the story progressed I found myself slowly being drawn away and even wanting to speed along (don’t worry I didn’t) to get to something more exciting. The story did eventually get back on track for me later in the book but not before it confused me for a bit which I’ll explain in a bit but first I need to talk a little about Evie and Calvin.Evie was a likeable character but she also bugged me a little at times. I liked that she knew what she wanted and didn’t want. She knew what her values were and she stuck with them no matter what. She wouldn’t let anyone change that even when it caused previous relationship problems and drifting apart with other people. I will admit I would have liked to see her be a little more social with more people and not just Calvin. I felt like she was an independent person that could hold her own and who wouldn’t really deal with other people’s crap. She had abandonment issues though that made her question if everyone was bound to leave her and if its all her fault. She was also a total good girl. This isn’t a bad thing but at times I wasn’t the happiest with her. She wants Calvin to respect her choices and he does but then she is upset when he isn’t all over her. I understand her wanting to know she is wanted but I didn’t think that was really fair to Calvin. In the story though she is the kind of person to back down and she doesn’t let a scary scenario get the best of her and I really liked that.When I got my first glimpse of Calvin I wasn’t sure how I was going to like their relationship. Evie was a goner fast but this ended up not being a bad thing. Calvin was in her art class and instead of immediately falling in love they got to know each other. Calvin never took the legend of his families curse seriously but as he gets closer to Evie it slowly begins to scare him more and more. He begins to get nightmares, which I thought was a nice touch to the story, and begins to worry if his relationship with Evie is the best thing. I liked that Calvin was gentleman and respected Evie’s wishes while still teasing her. I just have to say that girl has some will power.Calvin and Evie’s relationship sans the curse makes them one of those cutesy perfect couples. I swear they never really had any problems, they always did things together, and everyone respected everyone. Without the curse it would have been cute but very boring to read about them which brings me to some of the problems I had with this book. I was very excited about the curse and I was looking forward to get to know more about it and what it entails throughout the book. Instead I felt like there was a bit of mystery and suspense with it early on and then it was dropped for the longest time and only centered on Evie and Calvin going out and Evie saving herself. I didn’t want instalove and I am glad I got to read about them getting to know each other but I felt like ore of the curse could have been incorporated into those chapters. Also, I know this is a clean romance but I got it pretty quick that Evie had no plans to have sex and I feel like it was brought up way too much.I wanted to read about there romance but also the curse and like I said I felt like it was dropped all of a sudden and then when it did pick back up I was a little confused. Weird things just started happening out of nowhere and it took me a while to get used to it. Once I did though I enjoyed it more. I was happy to get to hear more about the curse and read about a little more preparing and action. The whole time I was waiting for a big surprise moment in the end because things never go according to plan in these kinds of situations. Although finishing up the story was suspenseful I didn’t get my GASP moment. I guess overall though I just mostly wanted a little more balance.