Fields of Elysium

Fields of Elysium - A.B. Whelan *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love I was drawn to read Fields of Elysium by its pretty cover (the glowing butterflies just grabbed me lol) and its interesting summary. I was excited to dive into this new place that Molly discovers and find out what Arkana was all about. It sounded like it had the potential to be an exciting read and although it had its moments I ended up being pretty disappointed. It just wasn’t much of what I expected and a I feel like a lot of it had to do with the structure of the story.Going in after reading the summary I thought I knew what some of the big problems were going to be and I was looking forward to figuring out the why of it all and how things would be resolved (or not resolved) but as I read I felt like things were a little all over the place. There were quite a few problems and I felt like it was just jumping around from one thing to another without spending much time on a specific thing. Then I felt like some of the big moments in the book came out of nowhere all of a sudden. Also, I felt like some things that were mentioned started out sounding like a really important part of the story and then it would only be mentioned again off and on way later.Also, no one really stood out to me as being someone out to ruin everything. I was expecting someone(s) to really get in Molly’s way and although there were people to fill this role every once and a while i felt like it didn’t last long. Even the people I thought would create biggest obstacles seemed to not play as big a part in the story as I thought. I was expecting a big presence from the Sentinels, the ones who dislike people from Earth, but we didn’t really meet them. It was more of a struggle just inside Victor.Now although the previous threw me off, and made it hard to fall in love with the book, I didn’t dislike everything. I didn’t build a very strong connection with the characters but I did not dislike them. They had their moments where I could connect with them. I didn’t feel like Molly was the total outsider that I thought she would be. She fell into a group and they liked her at her school but she did feel disconnected from them (it wasn’t for a lack of others trying though). I liked her adventurous side and her lack of fear when traveling to Arkana but I also felt she didn’t try too hard to make friends and she could be rude. Victor was usually quiet and angry so that was intriguing and he’s had an unfortunate past. I didn’t dislike their romance either. I was able to get into their relationship fairly easily at times but then other times I felt like things got serious too quickly.I was also really into the world that A.B. Whelan created. There were new names of things to learn and so many gadgets and toys. Arkana seemed like a complicated place. It had its perks but had many problems as well. It had its beauty and its flaws. I am sure there is a lot more to know about Arkana and its people. A lot seems to be going on there and I am curious to know more. For me I just wished there would have been a little more of a structure and focus.