Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveAwwwwwwww…Oh wait you came here to read a review didn’t you? Not to hear me squeal :) Well I just can’t help it I fucking absolutely loved it. I first heard about Beautiful Disaster through Miss Vain. She had an amazing review of it (you should totally check it out here) on her blog and I knew I had to read it. When I saw it was an automatic approval on NetGalley I got so excited. It was the first book I ever requested and lucky me I didn’t have to wait since like I said it was automatic. I wanted to start it immediately and after getting it on to my nook (which took forever. I kept having malfunctions) I told myself I would read a chapter or two before bed…Big mistake. Once I picked it up and started reading I could not put it down. There was no just reading a chapter or two and I found myself still up at three in the morning forcing myself to go to bed (I had an eye doctors appointment I had to walk to just a few hours later or I would have kept reading). It only took another hour or two after my nap to finish it off. It was just so good.Beautiful Disaster started off great. I was sucked in immediately and throughout the whole thing I never got bored. The second Abby and Travis met I knew things were going to be very interesting. Abby goes to watch a fight with her best friend America and America’s boyfriend Shepley. Instead of staying back Abby quickly gets caught up and finds herself closer and closer to the middle of he crowd, extremely close to the fight, and gets sprayed with some blood. The fight is over and the crowd is rowdy and that’s when she meets Travis. He helps her out by keeping people away from her and he immediately gives her a nickname, Pigeon (which I think is just adorable).If you looked up bad boy in the dictionary there would probably be a picture of Travis Maddox as an example. He is a great looking, tattooed, motorcycle riding ladies man who fights for money. That’s not all though he is actually super smart and of course he has his flaws (but I will get to that later). He’s popular (but he could probably care less), other guys are intimidated by him (with good reason), and all the ladies want him (he’ll be around for the night but don’t expect a phone call the next day or ever really). Abby isn’t impressed though and as Travis pushes her to hangout she gets straight to the point and tells him she’s not sleeping with him. Of course he insists they be friends and that’s when everything becomes crazy, funny, sweet, and heartbreaking. Ugh those two just brought out so many emotions.The title of this book is just so perfect. That is exactly what their relationship was. Friends is all they were going to be (mmmhhh…Right….) and that made for one extreme story. They were always so funny together. I loved all their banter. They just clicked together. It was always totally obvious how much Travis cared for Abby but this is where his flaws kicked in. He was extremely protective of her and he was definitely the jealous type. He didn’t always deal with things the way a normal and rational person should. Abby wasn’t flawless herself. Even though she didn’t take all of Travis bad habits and just accept them (she did stick around for the most part though) at times she was in denial and she could be naive when it came to their “friendship”. Also, she was so busy running from her past and worrying that her future was going to end up the same anyways that it made it almost impossible for her to even try to work things out in order to have the future she wants. I felt like she just assumed there was only one way to insure her future wasn’t like her past. They both could really piss me off. They made mistakes and yes I will admit their relationship wasn’t the healthiest one, they both have a lot of shit they need to work out in their lives, but it just felt so real. I loved them and just wanted them to get their act together.No matter what I say I don’t think I can really explain everything I loved about it. I loved how emotional it could make me get. I wasn’t just like “aww, thats sad” I actually teared up, laughed out loud, started mumbling in spanish (I do that when things really piss me off), etc. Even with all their issues happening I loved Abby and Travis (there isn’t anything amazing about reading about an easy relationship). Besides Abby and Travis I would have to say my favorite characters were America and Finch. They just cracked me up. Again, I loved, loved, loved Beautiful Disaster. It has to be one of my favorite reads of the summer and I am going to buy it in paperback the second I have some extra cash. Ohhh and I heard there is going to be another book in Travis’ point of view so I am extremely excited for that!