The Forgotten Ones

I saw the cover for this and was like “ooh must read!” Deciding I better read the summary before committing to a tour I took a second to read it over and decided it was definitely worth a shot. Unlike some summaries, The Forgotten One’s left me with little clues as to what I was getting myself into.  It made me curious to see what this story was going to be about and I was pleasantly surprised. When secrets are involved I am always itching to figure out what they are. Me + Secrets = TELL ME NOW! I just had to know what was wrong with Allison’s mother, who Ethan was, and who the Tuatha de Danaan were.


Although, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Allison at the beginning of the book I did feel sorry for her. For a long time her mother hadn’t really been able to be there for her. Physically she was present but mentally her mother was mostly gone. Being diagnosed with Schizophrenia her mother needed lots of help and attention. Allison’s grandparents did a lot of the work but Allison wanted to be able to lift the burden from them and take over a lot of their tasks in helping her. That left Allison closed off from others. She just wanted to stay home and didn’t bond well with too many other people. Luckily she had a great support system, which I loved. Allison had family and friends who cared and although they really couldn’t fix anything that was great. I really liked how her cousin Nicole did her best to not let Allison stay at home too often. Of course, she should want to help with her mother but she is so young and shouldn’t have to take a burden like that on her own. Her grandparents were supportive of her getting out more and I thought they were sweet people. None of it could have been easy for them either.


Then there was Ethan, the so-called playboy, who obviously had a thing for Allison. Allison did her best to act indifferent but it was never a question that either of them were interested in each other. I loved to see Ethan’s flirty side and his truly sweet moments. The small moments you get with them (there weren’t enough) were often cute with them either taunting each other or Ethan just being being a sweetheart. I still need to get to know Allison more but I can say I really liked Ethan. I felt like I didn’t get enough time with them so I am hoping for more in the future.


Besides my slight disappointment at the short lived romantic connections (not so much a disappointment just feel teased lol) I though the Forgotten Ones was a pretty good read. It was straight to the point, leaving out the fluff that some books may have, and although I thought the story might have progressed too rapidly there was still some craziness and mystery. I have to say it was hardly long enough. I wanted more information on what was happening, why it was happening, what they were going to do about it. The book also ended pretty abruptly but with enough suspense and information to leave you wanted to read the sequel. With so much I still wanted out of it I felt like The Forgotten One’s was one big build up to the next one, where the story will really begin to mold itself potentially becoming great. It was a good start. I fell for some characters and Laura Howard definitely has me wanting to get to know a few more. She created an interesting story I am hoping to learn more about in the future.


Favorite Quote

“Something in your eye, Allison?” Ethan asked, seemingly amused at my attempt at indifference.I clenched my jaw and almost rolled my eyes again. “That must be it, Ethan.”
“Oh, come on. I know how bad you want to see me with my shirt off.”
I knew it didn’t warranted a response, but I never could keep my mouth shut when Ethan provoked me and he knew it.
“The entire female population of this town has seen you without a shirt on. Not that exciting.” – Pg.10