My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One)

My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveAfter reading Sam Cruz’s Infallible Guide to Getting Girls back in September I was really looking forward to reading more books written by Tellulah Darling. That was such a fun book. When I read the summary for My Ex From Hell I was like “I WANT IT NOW!” Then not too long ago while surfing around this wonderful website called Netgalley ;) I found it was there. One request and I finally got to read it. After reading my first book by Tellulah I knew I had to try another one and now I can officially say I am a fan. This lady can really make me laugh.With a summary like that of course there is no big reveal as to who Sophie really is. No surprises there but the second Sophie gets her first flash of her true identity there is all of a sudden so much to find out. What happened to her? What is she cable of? What does she do now? What to do about Kai? There were just so many questions and even with what was uncovered I am pretty sure I am left with even more questions than I started with.When Sophie first discovers something isn’t right with her she doesn’t automatically go along with the idea that she could be a goddess. She much rather blame drugs or a brain tumor on her strange and painful flashes. After a while things get too weird for her and she knows the truth and that there is no denying it. All of a sudden her life gets complicated and quick. Now she has a past she can’t remember, gods out to kill her, abilities she knows nothing about, and a guy in her life that she has history with that she can’t remember. Sophie is only sixteen but she has a lot of feelings she needs to work out, a past she needs to piece together and quick, and a current mystery to solve. People are missing and someone has to find them.I have to say I love Tellulah’s characters. I loved Sophie, Hannah, Theo and Kai. Theo was usually mister serious and I had my moments were I wasn’t sure if I liked him or not but in the end I did. Hannah was super smart and I loved how she used it all her knowledge. Plus her and Sophie were just hilarious. I loved their friendship. Then of course their is Kai. Bad boy, son of Hades, Sophie’s ex. Really though I wouldn’t say ex covers it. I would definitely slap on a big IT COMPLICATED on their relationship. Although I wished to still get to know a little bit more I am definitely liking Kai. He was a pain in the ass for Sophie and a huge flirt. The banter was great between the two. I loved it and could have definitely read even more conversations between these two. Looking forward to getting more of it in the next one.I loved the characters, the dialog between them and the story as a whole but there were a couple minor things that had me frowning. First of all the book isn’t very long (less than 300 pages) so I felt like everything happened very quickly. I wouldn’t totally say this is a bad thing because I know some things can be drawn out too much and also leaving things out builds anticipation for more in the next one but I was just hoping for some more suspense, more investigating, more drama, more of that banter I love. I was also really hoping to see Sophie slowly grow to learn to use her awesome goddess powers. I wanted to see her training them and learning new things. I am hoping there is still time for that later. Overall though My Ex From Hell was pretty great and I am dying to read the next one. October is too far away.