Mating Call (In Heat #2)

Mating Call - Felicity E. Heaton *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveTwo years have passed since the ending in In Heat and Kim and Erik have only grown closer. I loved that Mating Call took place two years later because I could tell that Erik and Kim had gotten to know each other and had gotten closer even if I wasn’t able to read about it. While reading In Heat I wasn’t totally sold on their emotional relationship but this one changed my mind. I could feel their connection and deep feelings for each other much more in Mating Call.In the first book in the series Kim and Erik were not able to truly become mates but I think that was for the best. In those two years of waiting for Kim to be in heat again their love and passion grew. Erik can’t wait for the exact moment when he can truly make Kim his forever and Kim is also finally ready but just when they think things can’t go wrong this time another player finds his way into their sexy dreams. There is only supposed to be one life mate out there for them so when this new guy shows up in their dreams things become filled with tension and confusion.Erik has no clue why this guy is all of a sudden in their dreams and he doesn’t like it. Is there really someone else that might want Kim as much as he does? He has waited forever to find her and he sure as hell isn’t giving her up. Erik has nothing to worry about or does he? If Kim is sure about anything it is that she loves him but when she starts to realize how much she likes their new dreams she begins to worry about what it might all mean. If this guy can make her feel all these things what will happen if she meets him? Both are extremely worried and confused. Just when things are supposed to get easier they are hit with a new obstacle that makes for a pretty interesting story.Overall, Mating Call didn’t waste anytime getting down to business and things definitely got more intense in this one. Kim grew and became more confidant about herself and what she wants. Erik become more territorial but with good reason and it made things more interesting ;) Mating Call kept up the two pov’s just like In Heat did but I felt like this also delivered a better story. I didn’t know how I was going to feel about a love triangle but it was more of a lust triangle and didn’t irritate me the way I thought it might. It was attention grabbing and had much to be anticipated. Unfortunately just like with the first one the end fell a little flat for me . I felt like it was leading up to this big thing (partly did) and then nope nada. Was happy with most of it just would have liked more out of part of the end. It was just too simple.