The Impact of You

The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love3.5-4 Hearts We all have our secret. For some they may be small ones, the kind you swear you would just die if someone found out but chanse are the’ve done it/gone through it too. Then there are the bigger ones, the ones you couldn’t bare someone close to you knowing about it for fear they won’t look at you the same. This is the kind of secret Avery is hiding. She made one mistake in her past and she hasn’t figured out how to accept it and move past it. It worries her constantly and controls her. She just rather hide from her past and from anyone once a part of it. It takes Jase, an attractive frat-boy/reformed player and his “life coaching” to coax Avery out of her shell.From the beginning there was no question that the two liked each other, no tip toeing around the truth or false claims that they are just friends. Jase was very forward in how he spoke to Avery while still knowing when its time to slow it down. Avery was also honest when it came to her feelings, not lying to herself or Jase about wanting him only stating she wasn’t ready. Her past got in the way and although it was also a good thing because it allowed the two some time to get to know each other. As you would guess that was easier for one more than the other.Jase was an open book he didn’t really hide things and for the most part was honest. Avery shared who she was now but kept the rest hidden. She wasn’t fake but she wasn’t completely open like Jase either and although he told himself and her that that was okay it became a problem later.I liked that Jase was open about both his life and to trying to help Avery out. He wanted to get closer to her and getting her past whatever she was hiding from was the only way to do it. I loved that he pushed her past her comfort zones but not in a crazy way. He cared about her and her feelings. I also liked how he had changed his ways before Avery even showed up in his life. It was more about dealing with her problems than anything wrong with him. Avery wasn’t my favorite but I liked that she was open to Jase and his challenges for her. She wanted her past to remain hidden but she wasn’t opposed to learning how to get past it. I did find her a tad over dramatic in certain situations but i didn’t dislike her. Her friends seemed interesting and it would have been nice seeing more of them.Jase and Avery could be pretty adorable and Jase’s sections are good for some swoons and giggles. I wouldn’t be opposed to him being my “life coach” ;) The story wasn’t particularly exciting but my thoughts about it stayed constant and it didn’t leave me bored. There was romance, drama (sometimes unnecessary) and character growth. Overall, The Impact of You was a cute and quick read that shows people don’t always make the best choices but that doesn’t mean you have to let those choices rule the rest of your life.