Georgetown Academy, Season One

Georgetown Academy, Season One - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveGeorgetown Academy was a totally addicting dramafest. Following Ellie, Brinley, Taryn, and Evan was anything but boring as they tried to navigate the complicated system of living in a political environment. A little drama is unavoidable in life but for these four one wrong move can blow up into a huge media frenzy with the potential to greatly affect those close to them. It's hard enough maintaining your reputation when someone is keeping an eye on you so closely but when you live in the world they do it isn't just your reputation on the line. Anything Brinley, Ellie, and Taryn do can affect their parents political future. It's sad but true. These girls have way too much pressure put on them to be perfect. What they wear, what they do, and who they do it with is greatly scrutinized. Its not new news. They already know their roles and how they must play out but that doesn't mean it is always easy. The girls struggle with keeping things under their control, staying true to themselves, and wanting things they know they shouldn't want.Each character is truly their own person in these books. They each have their own little quirks. Their is no mistaking who's who but they all have one thing in common, they live in a world that really knows how to blow things out of proportion. A world full of lies, secrets, deception, ass kissing and slandering. Nothing seems to stay mellow for very long in their lives and they are forced to sacrifice many things which was very sad. They should be able to just be teens with the "normal" everyday consequences of their mistakes but instead they are subjected to the brutal world of politics where someone is always looking for even one little thing that could defame their opponents. Of course it made for a great story but I just got so mad with what they had to go through. They had to sacrifice things they should have been able to have, keep secrets that should definitely not been kept, and even abandon their values. Err. It was obvious their parents cared about them but I think they still could have been more considerate of their children's feelings in spite of their political careers. Taryn's father had to be my favorite parent. From what I saw he had it together as a parent and politician.If you're like me of course you want to know about the romance ;) Although I didn't fall head over heals for every potential couple I did pair who I wanted up in my mind and continued to root for them. You just know who needs to be together. You know who'll they will click with, make them better, or loosen them up. I myself was all about Gabe. Really couldn't get enough of his and Ellie's complicated relationship (one that shouldn't have been as complicated as it was but again politics strike again). All the main boys were pretty likeable but Gabe and Shane were my all time favorites. I want more of them!I don't find politics particularly exciting but Georgetown Academy definitely piqued my interest with all its drama. The characters were really easy to love and hate. Even my favorites had me face palm a time or two with how complicated they had to make things. The "scandals" weren't crazy scandalous or unrealistic so I appreciated that. The romance although pushed into such a short time (each book wasn't very long) didn't seem forced and it was easy to root for certain couples to last. Georgetown Academy truly was an addicting and enjoyable read.