Two Wrongs, One Right

Two Wrongs, One Right - Katee Robert

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Wrong Bed, Right Guy and Chasing Mrs. Right were such great reads full of intense characters and passionate relationships. It is in the first two books you get the tiniest bit of info on Nathan that has you going, “What the hell happened to him? What is his story?” You love reading about what is going on with the other characters but you are still left dying to know what is up with Nathan. You don’t know much so of course you get extremely curious. After reading the first two I was really excited to finally get to read Nathan’s story. I already knew Katee knows how to turn on the passion and tell a good story while she is at it. Plus, the mystery of Nathan would be solved. Why wouldn’t I be excited?


With all my excitement I think I set my hopes to high and although Two Wrongs, One Right was still an enjoyable read I didn’t care for it as much as the first two. Nathan and Chelsea haven’t seen each other in 8 years. They were madly in love once upon a time and haven’t moved on. Yes, they are both extremely hurt and they have been holding on to that hurt for way to long. With all that emotion going through a person I would just think I would feel it more as I read their story. I was expecting anger but also so much love to burn through the pages. I wanted to feel it but for some reason I just couldn’t connect fully with Nathan and Chelsea. I didn’t dislike them, I wanted more from them. With the first two books I felt like their was so much passion and I could feel what the characters were going through but not as much with this one. I thought this book would be bursting with passion, that their would be an intense explosion of feelings but it just didn’t happen for me.


What I very much enjoyed though was the little bit of talk about Gabe and Elle and their wedding. It was good to see how much in love they still were. I know this was Nathan’s story but I found myself wanting more of them and also Ian and Roxanne. The little glimpse I got of Chelsea’s friend Danielle was also amazing. She reminds me of another Roxanne and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what Katee has in store for her in Lover Unmasked. I just know she will be epic.


Lover Revealed

Lover Revealed  - J.R. Ward

As you already know I am in love with this series. It is by far one of my favorites and continues to keep me wanting more. I had much love for the first three and although I wouldn’t give Lover Revealed as high of a rating I am still a huge fan. J.R. Ward really knows how to keep you entertained with action, sex, and humor. Three things you can always count on when reading about the brothers (or other affiliated with them) are that they always kick-ass, love to keep their women satisfied, and typically have something funny to say. They are just perfection. Anyways, if you haven’t started the series put the review on pause and go pick up the first one :D (Reviews for 1-3 will be at the bottom of this review).


Lover Revealed was Butch’s story and although I like Butch, and totally still needed his story, I just wasn’t bursting with excitement while reading this one. It was possible for me to set it down and although it had moments that gave me the feels they just weren’t as AHHH as with the first three. It has to be said that I LOVED the first three so this one had big shoes to fill. It was still quite the read!


Butch is always Mr. Tough Guy and next to the brothers he pretty much gets out voted and doesn’t get to help like he wishes he could. He doesn’t care much about getting hurt he just wants to help protect the people close to him. Butch has his demons just like the rest of them and they are what contribute to how he see’s the world. Yeah, he is stubborn and always wanting to be tough but like anyone else you poke and prod deep enough and I’m sure you will find a softy trying to get through their issues.


With Butch being Butch is was great to see the relationship continue to unfold with him and Marissa. Marissa is miss perfect, upper class, sheltered, a sweetheart. She really doesn’t know much and Butch has seen/done so much in life. They are very different. How could it ever work? I always thought that because of who she was she would be a total pushover with everything but thankfully that was not the case. She made her feelings clear and wasn’t going to stick around for someone that didn’t care to worry about her concerns.


This series just keeps on getting crazier. More things begin to surface with each book and when you think things can’t get worse they very much can. I am just waiting for things to really explode. Already worried :s There are just so many people involved and so much to find out. I am ready to continue the series and get to know more of the brothers. I loved Butch and V’s bromance in this one and with the little teases into V’s life I am intrigued to start the next one. It’s Alexa’s favorite so it has to be great!


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The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

Thanks to Alexa I read The Raven Boys last summer and I loved it. I hated the fact that I had to wait for the sequel to come out. Don’t you just hate waiting?! Well after Katelyn over at Kate’s Tales Of Books and Bands posted an instagram picture and after telling her jealous I was she was a total sweetheart and said I could borrow it. I was so excited to get it in the mail and although it took me longer than I was hoping to finish (just couldn’t find the time) I am extremely grateful I didn’t have to wait anymore. Unfortunately now I have to wait forever for the third one.

I loved getting to dive back in and see how Blue, Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah were doing,,, Click for my full review :)

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren

Christina and Lauren really know how to grab your attention and hold it. When I read Beautiful Bastard I found it highly addicting and was looking forward to getting my hands on book two. I went out and bought my copy of Beautiful Stranger and it was not disappointing. Just as addicting as the first and unlike Beautiful Bastard not as repetitive. Although, Sara and Max like to have sex everywhere...


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Beautiful Bitch

Beautiful Bitch - Christina Lauren

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Kaleidoscope - Mindy Hayes

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Death Dealer

Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson

Death Dealer was such a short story but those 140 pages still contained an interesting story filled with action and emotion. Both Mia and Deacon lost people close to them in a horrible way and became Death Dealers in exchange for some revenge in the future. They now spend their lives delivering souls to their proper gates but that is no piece of cake. Their journey’s from point A to point B is filled with crazy sounding creatures/demons (Ashley Robertson gave some pretty great descriptions) trying to keep them from completing their task. It seems not one job can go off without a glitch. These problems bring some action to this story and you get to see exactly what Mia and Deacon are made of. Mia isn’t a total badass but she can definitely put up a hell of a fight.  With some more time who knows what she could do.


It’s on Mia’s first job of the book that Deacon pops up and it is obvious that those two have a connection. Typically the second a character mentions how crazy the other makes them its like a lightbulb going off. The two should probably just find a room. Now I wasn’t completely sold on their romance but that is usually the case with shorter stories. Everything is cut short and to the point so you don’t get too much build which is a little disappointing but to be expected.  They were still likable together and Deacon was there for Mia when she needed him. I hope to see her returning the favor in the future.


I do have to say what I felt was going to be the biggest part of the story (Mia’s revenge) didn’t seem so huge. I felt like it was a tiny part of the story and couldn’t see how Mia found her closure with it all. I like what Ashley Robertson did with it though. It was very clever but I felt like it needed at least a tad more time. It so hard to be completely satisfied with novellas but Death Dealer was still an enjoyable read. It took me way too long to read but that was only because work got in the way and I had to read it in small sections. I am looking forward to reading some more in the series and hopefully getting more of a connection between the two characters. I’m sure those two will have quite the treacherous adventure in the future.


Requiem - Lauren Oliver

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Succubus Blues Review

Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead

I am a big fan of Richelle Mead. At least that is what I have told myself since book one of the Vampire Academy series but then I always wonder is it fair to call myself a mega fan when I have only read one series by an author when they have written multiple? I have only read....Click title to see my full review.

Georgetown Academy, Season One

Georgetown Academy, Season One - Alyssa Embree Schwartz, Jessica Koosed Etting *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveGeorgetown Academy was a totally addicting dramafest. Following Ellie, Brinley, Taryn, and Evan was anything but boring as they tried to navigate the complicated system of living in a political environment. A little drama is unavoidable in life but for these four one wrong move can blow up into a huge media frenzy with the potential to greatly affect those close to them. It's hard enough maintaining your reputation when someone is keeping an eye on you so closely but when you live in the world they do it isn't just your reputation on the line. Anything Brinley, Ellie, and Taryn do can affect their parents political future. It's sad but true. These girls have way too much pressure put on them to be perfect. What they wear, what they do, and who they do it with is greatly scrutinized. Its not new news. They already know their roles and how they must play out but that doesn't mean it is always easy. The girls struggle with keeping things under their control, staying true to themselves, and wanting things they know they shouldn't want.Each character is truly their own person in these books. They each have their own little quirks. Their is no mistaking who's who but they all have one thing in common, they live in a world that really knows how to blow things out of proportion. A world full of lies, secrets, deception, ass kissing and slandering. Nothing seems to stay mellow for very long in their lives and they are forced to sacrifice many things which was very sad. They should be able to just be teens with the "normal" everyday consequences of their mistakes but instead they are subjected to the brutal world of politics where someone is always looking for even one little thing that could defame their opponents. Of course it made for a great story but I just got so mad with what they had to go through. They had to sacrifice things they should have been able to have, keep secrets that should definitely not been kept, and even abandon their values. Err. It was obvious their parents cared about them but I think they still could have been more considerate of their children's feelings in spite of their political careers. Taryn's father had to be my favorite parent. From what I saw he had it together as a parent and politician.If you're like me of course you want to know about the romance ;) Although I didn't fall head over heals for every potential couple I did pair who I wanted up in my mind and continued to root for them. You just know who needs to be together. You know who'll they will click with, make them better, or loosen them up. I myself was all about Gabe. Really couldn't get enough of his and Ellie's complicated relationship (one that shouldn't have been as complicated as it was but again politics strike again). All the main boys were pretty likeable but Gabe and Shane were my all time favorites. I want more of them!I don't find politics particularly exciting but Georgetown Academy definitely piqued my interest with all its drama. The characters were really easy to love and hate. Even my favorites had me face palm a time or two with how complicated they had to make things. The "scandals" weren't crazy scandalous or unrealistic so I appreciated that. The romance although pushed into such a short time (each book wasn't very long) didn't seem forced and it was easy to root for certain couples to last. Georgetown Academy truly was an addicting and enjoyable read.

The Impact of You

The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love3.5-4 Hearts We all have our secret. For some they may be small ones, the kind you swear you would just die if someone found out but chanse are the’ve done it/gone through it too. Then there are the bigger ones, the ones you couldn’t bare someone close to you knowing about it for fear they won’t look at you the same. This is the kind of secret Avery is hiding. She made one mistake in her past and she hasn’t figured out how to accept it and move past it. It worries her constantly and controls her. She just rather hide from her past and from anyone once a part of it. It takes Jase, an attractive frat-boy/reformed player and his “life coaching” to coax Avery out of her shell.From the beginning there was no question that the two liked each other, no tip toeing around the truth or false claims that they are just friends. Jase was very forward in how he spoke to Avery while still knowing when its time to slow it down. Avery was also honest when it came to her feelings, not lying to herself or Jase about wanting him only stating she wasn’t ready. Her past got in the way and although it was also a good thing because it allowed the two some time to get to know each other. As you would guess that was easier for one more than the other.Jase was an open book he didn’t really hide things and for the most part was honest. Avery shared who she was now but kept the rest hidden. She wasn’t fake but she wasn’t completely open like Jase either and although he told himself and her that that was okay it became a problem later.I liked that Jase was open about both his life and to trying to help Avery out. He wanted to get closer to her and getting her past whatever she was hiding from was the only way to do it. I loved that he pushed her past her comfort zones but not in a crazy way. He cared about her and her feelings. I also liked how he had changed his ways before Avery even showed up in his life. It was more about dealing with her problems than anything wrong with him. Avery wasn’t my favorite but I liked that she was open to Jase and his challenges for her. She wanted her past to remain hidden but she wasn’t opposed to learning how to get past it. I did find her a tad over dramatic in certain situations but i didn’t dislike her. Her friends seemed interesting and it would have been nice seeing more of them.Jase and Avery could be pretty adorable and Jase’s sections are good for some swoons and giggles. I wouldn’t be opposed to him being my “life coach” ;) The story wasn’t particularly exciting but my thoughts about it stayed constant and it didn’t leave me bored. There was romance, drama (sometimes unnecessary) and character growth. Overall, The Impact of You was a cute and quick read that shows people don’t always make the best choices but that doesn’t mean you have to let those choices rule the rest of your life.

Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth (Junie B. Jones Series #3)

Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth (Junie B. Jones Series #3) - My 6yr old niece reviews all children's books read :)"It was funny and I liked it super much." - Destiny


Burning - Elana K. Arnold *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden Love :O Uhhh…Oh no…You didn’t just end like that?! I felt like things were going well. I was liking where things were going. Burning was on its way to being considered a good book and then I totally was not a fan of the end. Why? I obviously can’t tell you but I can say it was enough to ruin it all for me. I can honestly see others being happy with it but for me it was far from satisfying. I sat in the backseat finishing this off on our long ride home when all of a sudden I startled my cousin with my shouts of protest. I swiped left and right on my Nook hoping I was missing something but alas I was not. “You got to be kidding me” was about all I could manage as a stared at the screen.Alright, before I scare you off, I am pretty particular about my endings and I know many will probably find it satisfying. Although I did not that doesn’t mean I disliked the whole thing. Besides the cover being absolutely beautiful some of the messages and scenarios in this story were quite touching. Both Ben and Lala were at points in their lives where they found themselves conflicted and confused. The future of the people close to Ben was so unknown after their town began to shutdown but Ben’s future was looking bright and clear. He was off to college on scholarship and was trying to cope with the guilt of leaving his friends behind along with the concern for his family starting again on their own without him. Does he really want to go on without them? How will they fair? Lala knows what her future entails as well and the closer she gets to it the more she wishes to run away. Her family is all she has though and the ways of the gypsies are all she has been taught. Can she handle what it would mean to leave them? Could she live with it all?Ben seemed so young while reading. There was so much he still needed to figure out and I liked that about him. He also cared so much about the well being of the people close to him, even when he went about it the wrong way, and I think that is a great quality. He wanted to be going to college, he felt he deserved it because of all the hard work he had put in over the years but he wasn’t ready just to run away and leave everyone behind. Like I said he felt guilt for having something that others don’t and worried about others. Lala on the other hand had so much wisdom and insight. She saw what other didn’t in others and in themselves. She wanted more than she knew was coming to her in life and I loved that about her but I also had my problems with her. Although both she and Ben helped each other grow and move forward a lot in this book I still wasn’t her biggest fan all the time. On the one hand I understood her and wanted to root her on for wanting what she wanted but then I felt like she could have worried about the lives of others a little more.Overall, I loved the idea of the story. It was different from other books I have read and all the gypsy stuff was very interesting. I don’t know anything about gypsy’s so I cannot comment on accuracy but all the information on some of their customs really added to getting to know Lala. Burning was in both Ben and Lala’s POV so it was nice getting to read how they each saw each other as well as getting to read their internal struggles and how they grow throughout the book. Her secondary characters were just as enjoyable as her main characters with a good mix of personalities. Ben’s younger brother was actually my favorite even though he had the least time in the book. He was younger than them all and seemed to be the most put together. Growth was the biggest theme in this book and Elena Arnold nailed that perfectly while still leaving her characters with even more room to grow. It was the best part of the book and if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t come to terms with the ending I’d definitely be giving Burning a higher rating.

Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business (Junie B. Jones Series #2)

Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business (Junie B. Jones Series #2) - My 6yr old niece reviews all children's books read :)It was awesome because it had funny words in it. It was funny because she thought her new baby brother was going to be a monkey. I really liked it.

Charm & Strange

Charm & Strange - Stephanie Kuehn *Originally reviewed on Pages Of Forbidden LoveI always wished I could crank out an awesome review in a snap but it always seems to take me forever. I usually have a hundred thoughts I have to sift through and find it very difficult to mention everything I want to. Then I have no idea exactly what I do want to say. That being said reviews never come easy to me but telling you all what I thought about Charm & Strange seems almost impossible. I feel unless you read it Charm & Strange is extremely hard to talk about it. I definitely do not want to give any spoilers so I am going to do my best to describe my highs and lows with this book the best I can.What I can tell you is that Stephanie Kuehn did a great job. Charm & Strange was nothing like I thought it would be when I signed up for the tour. I thought it would be a suspenseful and interesting story and it was but x100. Stephanie really knows how to toss your thoughts around and although after a bit I felt I truly knew how it was going to end I still clung to the possibility that it wouldn’t be what I thought.Win clings to this possibility of a change that may or may not really happen and Stephanie keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting right along with him. He truly is tortured, you just know something is eating at him, and that is obvious from the beginning. What is not clear is what that something is and what exactly Win is really waiting for. You get thrown back and forth between his past and present as you get to know more about him but Stephanie never out and out says much. She keeps things short and vague leaving you grasping to piece things together and I loved that. No matter what you think you know, whether you end up being correct about the outcome or not, you will ask wtf is going on at least once and second guess yourself a time or two.Stephanie really knows how to keep you on your toes and keep you asking what is really going on? I liked getting to know Win and digging into his past. The writing was good as well as the story. It made me think and got my feelings going. I have to say it did a great job of upsetting me and got some tears rolling. I so wanted to be wrong. The only low I think I had was that although it was a pretty great book and written in such a good way it was not what I thought I would be reading. On one side this put me off a little and felt deceiving but the fact that I liked it made up for all of that. I just feel like this might be a hit or miss for some people. You really just need to read it to understand though. I definitely want to check out what else Stephanie comes out with.

The Forgotten Ones

I saw the cover for this and was like “ooh must read!” Deciding I better read the summary before committing to a tour I took a second to read it over and decided it was definitely worth a shot. Unlike some summaries, The Forgotten One’s left me with little clues as to what I was getting myself into.  It made me curious to see what this story was going to be about and I was pleasantly surprised. When secrets are involved I am always itching to figure out what they are. Me + Secrets = TELL ME NOW! I just had to know what was wrong with Allison’s mother, who Ethan was, and who the Tuatha de Danaan were.


Although, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Allison at the beginning of the book I did feel sorry for her. For a long time her mother hadn’t really been able to be there for her. Physically she was present but mentally her mother was mostly gone. Being diagnosed with Schizophrenia her mother needed lots of help and attention. Allison’s grandparents did a lot of the work but Allison wanted to be able to lift the burden from them and take over a lot of their tasks in helping her. That left Allison closed off from others. She just wanted to stay home and didn’t bond well with too many other people. Luckily she had a great support system, which I loved. Allison had family and friends who cared and although they really couldn’t fix anything that was great. I really liked how her cousin Nicole did her best to not let Allison stay at home too often. Of course, she should want to help with her mother but she is so young and shouldn’t have to take a burden like that on her own. Her grandparents were supportive of her getting out more and I thought they were sweet people. None of it could have been easy for them either.


Then there was Ethan, the so-called playboy, who obviously had a thing for Allison. Allison did her best to act indifferent but it was never a question that either of them were interested in each other. I loved to see Ethan’s flirty side and his truly sweet moments. The small moments you get with them (there weren’t enough) were often cute with them either taunting each other or Ethan just being being a sweetheart. I still need to get to know Allison more but I can say I really liked Ethan. I felt like I didn’t get enough time with them so I am hoping for more in the future.


Besides my slight disappointment at the short lived romantic connections (not so much a disappointment just feel teased lol) I though the Forgotten Ones was a pretty good read. It was straight to the point, leaving out the fluff that some books may have, and although I thought the story might have progressed too rapidly there was still some craziness and mystery. I have to say it was hardly long enough. I wanted more information on what was happening, why it was happening, what they were going to do about it. The book also ended pretty abruptly but with enough suspense and information to leave you wanted to read the sequel. With so much I still wanted out of it I felt like The Forgotten One’s was one big build up to the next one, where the story will really begin to mold itself potentially becoming great. It was a good start. I fell for some characters and Laura Howard definitely has me wanting to get to know a few more. She created an interesting story I am hoping to learn more about in the future.


Favorite Quote

“Something in your eye, Allison?” Ethan asked, seemingly amused at my attempt at indifference.I clenched my jaw and almost rolled my eyes again. “That must be it, Ethan.”
“Oh, come on. I know how bad you want to see me with my shirt off.”
I knew it didn’t warranted a response, but I never could keep my mouth shut when Ethan provoked me and he knew it.
“The entire female population of this town has seen you without a shirt on. Not that exciting.” – Pg.10